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We all have the voices in our head that are talking back to us, and those voices can be our best friends or our worst enemies. Are you hearing voices that say, "You've got this!" or "You are amazing!" or are you hearing negative thoughts like "You are always making mistakes!" or "You are so stupid!" What are the tapes that are playing in your mind?

And which of these people is meeting with your family? Your friends? Your boss? Or your clients? How is that impacting your relationships?

How would you like to put your best foot forward? How would you like to stop the spinning thoughts and the restless nights where you are rethinking things over and over again?

I am Tif Loeffler, your positive intelligence coach. Let me guide you to positive solutions and a positive way of life. We will reset the way that you think and change your outcomes.

We will develop a plan for a brighter future and work on it step by step together. I will become your greatest cheerleader and your guide to a better tomorrow!

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"Tif Loeffler is the epitome of positive thinking. She is a sponge for information and wisdom and has been soaking up sound strategies for years. Working with Tif is a transformational experience that you will never forget and I highly recommend her to you."

"I found the positive intelligence experience to be very insightful and working with Tif was wonderful because not only was it fun - she is a very positive personality who draws you in with her energy and helps you start your day off in a great way."

"I highly recommend the Positive Intelligence program for anyone in a leadership role. The need to connect to people’s EQ (emotional intelligence) is highly sought after in today’s business world, and working with Tif and PQ (positive intelligence) will streamline the process."  



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